A seven-year-old boy in Accra has been allegedly sodomized by three bullies in his school.

According to the victim, the boys in Upper Primary Five forced and had anal sex with him after school hours and threatened to beat him if he told his parents about the ordeal.

Narrating his ordeal to Adom FM’s Maame Esi Nyamekye Thompson, the boy said he told one of his teachers that the boys in Class Five inserted their penis in his butt but the teacher did not take it seriously.

He said he informed his grandmother he felt pain in his anal orifice, every time he visited the loo but could not tell her why.

His grandmother identified only as Madam Theresa said the doctors did a lab test after some rashes were seen around his anus when they visited the hospital.

“The report confirmed someone had forcefully abused my grandson,” she stated.

Before the doctor’s confirmation, the boy said he had seen spots of blood in his underwear but anytime his grandmother asked him about it, he kept quiet because of the threat the boys had issued.

Madam Theresa said she forced him to go to the loo because he said he could not release his bowels.

“However, he screamed every time he was in the toilet but said nothing was the matter every time I asked” she added.

“He has cried a lot from April to November because of the pain. There were times we had to take him to the hospital because the pain was too much for him.

Maame Esi Nyamekye Thompson reported the boy wears pampers because of his inability to control his bowel movements.

She added authorities at his school have refused to go on record but have denied the allegations.

“The police have said the issue has been investigated and the docket has been sent to the attorney general for advice,” she stated.

With the alleges suspects being minors, it is not clear yet what the counsel of the Attorney General will be.

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