Comedian torn to shreds for ‘paedophilic’ tweet about Sarkodie’s 2-yr-old daughter

Comedian Warris has been torn to shreds by social media users for a tweet about rapper, Sarkodie’s two-year-old daughter, Titi.

The comedian, born Waris Abdul Umaru, tweeted that, “Sarkodie’s daughter is becoming RIPE. Very soon we ppl (people) will tear and eat”.

That post, unfortunately, did not go down well with many who described it as paedophilic.

Controversial feminism group Pepper Dem Ministries, disgusted by the post, shared the tweet on Facebook.

Descending heavily on the comedian in the post, several people also commenting under Pepper Dem Ministries’ post also expressed their displeasure.

Actress Ama K. Abebrese reacting to the comedian’s post said: “I don’t [know] what kind of sick world we live in, when a so called comedian in Ghana thinks it’s ok to make sexual jokes about Sarkodie daughter. A little 2 year child I must add. Why would anyone in their right mind think this ok? It’s not funny, it’s very sick and disgusting.”

After receiving several backlashes for the tweet, the comedian rendered an unqualified apology to Sarkodie, his wife and daughter.

It is a joke gone bad, he added.

“To anyone offended by my tweet concerning sarkodie’s daughter kindly tamper justice with mercy. Especially to @sarkodie @tracysarkcess @thenanaaba @Santokh72.”

“I’m apologetically sorry, it won’t happen again. To (sic) ere is human, to forgive is divine.”

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