– A news reporter has been reportedly assaulted by a security officer in ex-president Mahama’s detail – The reporter was denied access into a meeting involving Mahama and some school authorities – He was reportedly slapped and left with a teary eye A Joy News reporter, Parker Wilson, has been assaulted in the line of duty by a member of the security detail of Ex-president John Mahama Monday during a campaign tour in Greater Accra. According to a report sighted by YEN.com.gh on Myjoyonline.com, Parker Wilson was allegedly slapped by the security detail whose identity is yet to be ascertained. The report had it that the assault left the journalist visibly bruised with part of his face swollen and his right eye teary.
Narrating what had happened, Parker said he was with the former president while he (Mahama) was campaigning at the Pentecost University as part of his five-day tour of the Greater Accra Region. After speaking to the students, it was announced that the ex-president was going to meet the authorities of the university, and Parker wanted to report on the said meeting. However, one of the security detail protecting the ex-president refused to allow Parker and his camera man access into the meeting citing that journalists were not invited. An attempt by Parker to explain to the security officer that he was with the ex-president and had been covering all his activities reportedly did not go down well with the officer.
“You are challenging my authority” he quoted the security detail as saying. “He started pushing me” Parker narrated and added that he was then given a hefty slap which made him fall. Parker added that the slap had left him with pain and a teary right eye. The office of the ex-president has however apologized to Parker Wilson for the unfortunate incident. A statement issued and signed by spokesperson for the ex-president, James Agyenim Boateng shortly after the incident and added that the issue was under investigation. The attack on Wilson comes at a time when another Joy News journalist Latif Iddrisu is nursing a cracked skull after being assaulted by police early this year.

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