Apple is about to launch three new iPhones. And that is just the beginning, according to new rumours.

The company will update just about every single one of its products around the September event where it usually launches new products, a new report has claimed.

Previous reports have suggested that Apple will launch not just one new iPhone at the event, but three. And all of them will be packed with the new features that first arrived with the iPhone X.

But there will also be upgrades to the iPad, Macs and the Apple Watch. And there will be new accessories: an updated version of the wireless AirPods, and a new charging mat for the company’s variety of wirelessly charged devices.

If the report from usually reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is true, autumn could bring with it one of the most active Apple events ever.

Apple has long been expected to release three new versions of the iPhone this autumn. That will include the most premium, middle-sized model, that could bring with it whole new features like the iPhone X; it will be joined by a smaller and much larger version, too, which will include much the same features as the current iPhone X.

As well as those new iPhones, there is expected to be a new version of the iPad that will have features that first arrived in the phones. It is expected to get rid of the home button and have a screen that goes all the way to the edges, as well as the Face ID system that allows devices to be unlocked just by looking at them.

Even the Apple Watch will get some of those features. The newly updated versions are expected to have larger screens, which should stretch further to the edges so that the cases don’t actually get bigger, just like the iPhone X.

And the Macs will get upgrades too, according to the report. That will include a new and cheaper MacBook, and finally upgrade to the Mac Mini, which hasn’t been updated for years.

And finally the AirPower charging mat – first unveiled last year at Apple’s iPhone event, and missing since then – could be released. It will join by other accessories, including new AirPods that could wireless charge on that same mat.

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