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Voice of Conscience

Voice of Conscience

Voice of Conscience by Manasseh Azure Awuni is a collection of articles on the investigations and reflections of a young Ghanaian journalist. Published mainly in the Daily Graphic and online between 2009 and 2014, the 36 feature stories showcase the compelling writing ability of the author as well as the broad range of his interests. The book is divided into five sections to include:‘Motivation’, ‘Anti-corruption’, ‘Politics’ and the captivating obituaries of leaders such as John Attah-Mills, Nelson Mandela and Komla Dumor.The inclusion of photographs of personalities connected to the topics and the cartoons depicting the lighter side brighten up the pages. Another exciting feature of this 267-page book is the title given to some of the stories. ‘Joy FM is not for my Father’; ‘I’m not a Neutral Journalist’ and ‘Mensa Otabil and the Mad Women of Kete-Krachi.’ The good news is that there are more; just that they couldn’t find space. An example isManasseh’s article entitled‘What Audrey Gadzekpo and Joyce Aryee do in secret.

the deal

The Deal

THE DEAL is the very first Novel by James Ebo Whyte (Uncle Ebo), the celebrated playwright of Roverman Productions and Food for Thought fame. The 2015 Millennium Excellence Award for literature and Exclusive Man of the Year for Motivation and Guardianship recipient is charting a new path of literary expression with the Launch of the first in a series of 7 books, The Deal, the Case of the Professional Lady. The 265 page fictional novel is a highly engaging easy read with vivid descriptive language that draws the reader into an awesome entertainment journey of literary bliss.



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