It’s no secret that serious weight loss can sometimes require a complete lifestyle-180. Without cracking down on both your diet and your fitness routine, it can much more difficult to shed stubborn pounds. And if you’re wondering why you’re not seeing results from hitting the gym two to three times a week, it’s because it’s not enough. If you’re really looking to transform your body, there’s a magic number when it comes to exercise frequency. See where two trainers agree.

According to Equinox personal trainer Erika Bonifacio, you should work out fives time a week and throw in two to three days of cardio-specific training. For your cardio-only days, she said 30 to 45 minutes is plenty. “For cardio, I like to use the Airdyne bike, battle ropes, rower, and curve treadmill,” Erika told POPSUGAR. “For strength, free weights and cables are great!”

P90X trainer Tony Horton shared a similar response, recommending a “five to six days a week equation.” His winning formula for changing body composition? Three days of cardio and three days of resistance training. Weight loss is really a full-time job as Tony compares it; showing up only a couple times a week just won’t cut it.

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