The campaign days are over your Excellency and you must get to work. Running a nation is a serious business and you must see it as such. For almost two years in government, you are still complaining of “ghost roads”. You visited the region during your “thank you tour” and reiterated you were not elected to complain but to solve problems. So what happened?

If supposedly there are ‘’ghost roads’’ the Mahama administration claimed they have done but didn’t do. At this time into your presidency, former president Mahama is still your campaign message, “like seriously?” Please be serious with Ghanaians, we need answers and not complains. You were voted for to solve problems and you should get to work. The Brong Ahafo region has bad roads, fix them and stop using Mahama to cover your inefficiencies.

Akuffo Addo and Wife

When the DKM and other microfinance agencies scam hit the region. You came out boldly to sympathize with affected customers and gave assurances that when you win power all monies locked up with DKM and other microfinance agencies will be paid. You went on further to tell us DKM microfinance belongs to then president-John Mahama and his wife. Rather after assuming office, you tend to interpret these promises differently by paying a meagre amount to affected DKM customers only. Which some the customers out of shock have passed on while others have lost their lifetime investment. The pennies that were paid to some DKM affected customers, was that a compensation or political gimmicks? As at now the founder of DKM Microfinance and his associates are walking as freemen. What about the other investments companies such as Perfect Edge Investment, Little Drops investment, God is love fun club and others.

Mr President instead of bringing us hope, you come to remind us of your failed promises. Now we should check any microfinance or Investment Company’s registration before transacting business with them, “like seriously”, the personal accounts that you have did you check the banks’ registration before opening accounts with them? I suppose you don’t mean this kind of joke.

As at now, there is no significant project your administration has done in the region that we can boldly say this may be a lasting legacy for the NPP. Taking into consideration the capital-Sunyani. Roads, hospitals, provision of electricity almost all were provided by the NDC yet we vote for you. Youth groups in the region are rising. Eg. Berekum youth for Accountability.

I am not going to tell you 2020 will come and we will use the same ballot to change you rather I want you to understand people who lie are called liars.

Maybe you need Mahama to come for the steer “n’awbr3”.


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AUTHOR: KWAKU KASA ||Political Observer

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