The President of Ghana issued the order for the arrest of Ghana-FA boss Mr Kwasi Nyantakyi to cover himself from the impending shame that is coming. What Nyantakyi said in the video is not new to the president. He is very much aware of the impression the video yet to be aired, produced by Anas Aremeyaw Anas, which is expected to be aired on June 6, 2018, will cast on him. So he jumps in quickly to save his public image.

Mr Nyantakyi is a financier of the New Patriotic Party and a “friend” of the president which the deputy chief of staff Samuel Abu Jinapor confirm in an interview on Joy FM when he was reacting the Mr Nyantakyi’s impending arrest.

Laughing Mr. Kwasi Nyantakyi

The President who has always touted himself as incorruptible has kept Mr Nyantakyi in his circles. In Akan we say”kyere me w’damfo,na menkyere wo suban“. The president is an Akan and an old man, he understands and will advise his grandchildren same. When the NPP won power, Mr Nyantakyi was among the first people who jumped in to congratulate the president-elect then, Nana Addo. Mr Nyantakyi loves the NPP in power because he has the president and vice in his pocket. It was obvious there was bad blood between Nyantakyi and “worrisome” Nii Lante Vanderpuye because he would not let anyone have his way when he was the minister. What prevented them to look at the case the then minister was making in the interest of the nation, the president, his vice and ministers ignored all because they are in his pocket. Nyantakyi financed them to power so he is untouchable. For someone who is principled and a patriot, you would have prevented Mr Nyantakyi from being in your circles or and not allow him to finance your campaign in relation to the numerous corruption allegations levelled against him. Yet in all these the president harboured him. The current state of the local premier league is a typical case of his terrible administration of the game-football and the association, which the president-Nana Addo is aware yet allows him to have his way because he is in his pocket. The former French president Nicholas Sarkozy is standing trial for wrong campaign financing and influence peddling, but in our jurisdiction, I think all that matters is power so even if the devil brings sponsorship it is okay, once the person gets the power he can grant redemption. When the Dzamefe Commission White Paper came out, the president reacting to the report at the media encounter said he has forgotten of the white paper and asked the FA body to heal itself. An appropriate answer to be given by a president for a report tax payer’s money financed?  The president knew there was a lot in the report that didn’t go well with his “friend” and any further pushing will make Nyantakyi talk, which he can’t afford to let happen.

Why would the “incorruptible “man issue the arrest of his crony after Mr Kwame Sefa Kayi went on air to hint the public that, names of the president, vice and sports minister and other government officials are implicated in the video yet to be aired?

The President is taking well-calculated steps to control people’s opinion of himself and his administration. If he orders arrest earlier before the video is aired it will go a long way to shape general opinion. What prevented the president from issuing the arrest earlier, but only after Mr Sefa Kayi hinted the public? If they had been successful in bribing Anas Aremeyaw Anas to edit portions of the documentary was the president going to issue an arrest?

President Nana Akuffo Addo

Mr Nyantakyi’s arrest will amount to nothing. He is going to walk as a free man without a single stain on him, actually, he may come out stronger because he is a “friend” and this arrest is just to shape public opinion of someone and his government. The state prosecutors who are entrusted will end up not even submitting any evidence or will try and find other means to make Anas Aremeyaw Anas look like a useless person, who is wasting his time. Kwasi Nyantakyi’s lawyers will be given all the “apor” with coaching skills. It’s so unfortunate such gimmicks will always affect the judiciary as well, where they are sometimes perceived as being in bed with the executive. Mr Nyantakyi’s arrest is a is a pure cover-up.3nko si hw33

In certain jurisdictions such crime, especially in relation to the presidency, is serious but in Ghana, we go talk “saa” and Kwasi Nyantakyi will walk free and believe it or not this will amount to nothing. They would use the judicial process to set him free should there the need to do so and just before I was about ending my writing Mr Nyantakyi was swerved out of the CID premises by the police.


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AUTHOR: KWAKU KASA ||Political Observer

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