YouTube announced today that its YouTube Go app is launching in over 130 countries. YouTube Go is a redesigned version of the regular YouTube app (available only on Android) that’s designed for places with poor connectivity or expensive cellular data prices.

YouTube Go allows users to download videos for offline viewing (something that the company usually charges for as part of its $10-per-month YouTube Red subscription), which users can then share locally with friends over a direct device-to-device connection without using up more data.

The app first launched in beta in India last year. Since then, it has rolled out to testing in 14 more countries, but today sees its full international debut. Google is also updating YouTube Go with a few new features, including an option to stream and download videos in higher quality, a new personalized stream of recommended content, and the ability to share multiple videos at once to another device.

While the app is rolling out to over 130 countries, the focus is still on locations that have limited access to cellular data. There are no plans for YouTube Go to launch in countries with more developed networks (including the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, or England).



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